3.2 Teaching the basics

3.2.1. The Basic Position:

The table tennis basic position denotes the body position with which the table tennis player prepares to receive (play) the opponent's ball.l.

The basic position may vary depending on the playing style, but it is basically characteristic that it is on the left side of the table, about 60-100cm behind the table, with the left foot forward, in a deep, wide (45-60cm) crouch, slightly turned to the right the players take their starting position with torso, hip and leg posture

Basic position

3.2.2. The grip

"The way the player holds the racket during the game is called the racket grip. The racket grip is influenced by the racket's structure, shape and the player's technique."

European grip
European grip
Chinese penhold
Japanese penhold

3.2.3. Practices Playful tasks for beginners - the goal is to make the young people fall in love with the sport so that they can have fun (e.g.: catch, relay races, ball games)

KÉP – 8 – ATSK váltóverseny
Getting to know the ball Getting to know the ball Getting to know the table

ATSK videó-2

ATSK videó-3 Getting to know the racket, grip

Coach's tip: it is more ideal for young children to start their sport with a lighter, thinner handle rather than an adult size and weight racket, so that the heavy racket does not pull down their hands, and thus they can execute the movements more technically accurately.

3.2.4. Ball exercises with the racket Holding the ball (balancing) on the surface of the racket

ATSK videó-4

ATSK videó-5 Bouncing the ball on the racket Hitting the ball against the wall Hitting a ball on the table - skill exercises performed by children on the table with a ball and a racket

ATSK videó-6

VIDEÓ-3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2UKit8Y5Gs / MOATSZ / Pélicom Média